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What you can expect from HostingCon Global 2015 is one of the topics of this blog, so it would be incomplete without a little attention to the breadth of experiences on offer at HostingCon. There will be networking opportunities on the conference floor and after hours. There will be opportunities to learn through guest speakers, round table discussions, and exhibits.

There may also be IT skills as sports:





A timed server construction race may seem a little random, but the best times for several new machines which will be on display are very assailable. I expect a few records to fall.

There may also awesome new technologies, maybe even with awesome sound tracks!





Of course there will be a lot of knowledgeable people in attendance, and information will be proliferating around the industry from San Diego, as in this interview of Shridhar Lothria of ResellerClub by Michelle Zatlyn of CloudFlare.





How does it all come together? Like the industry leading conference for hosting and cloud professionals. This year’s exhibitor floor will probably look sort of like this, just a little bigger.





HostingCon 2015 will generate its share of memorable moments, classic presentations, and hilarious online videos too, no doubt. The wealth of HostingCon videos out there on the web are a testament to the lasting influence of the event, but the experience cannot be duplicated by video alone. The only way to get the full experience is to register, or if you are a decision maker for a hosting or cloud company, grab one of the remaining booths in exhibition hall.

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