A Guide to Successful Facebook Ads – A Free Webinar

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(The Hosting News) – News Facts:

  • Facebook advertising is becoming a more important part of many advertisers’ online media mix. Marin Software, provider the leading online advertising management platform for advertisers and agencies, announced today that it will host a free webinar with Facebook designed to help advertisers optimize their Facebook advertising campaigns.
  • The webinar, entitled “A Guide to Successful Facebook Ads,” will be held on Tuesday, March 29 at 10 am PST.

About Marin Software and Facebook:

  • As one of the industry’s largest Facebook advertising platform providers, Marin Software has assembled a comprehensive set of best practices for effective Facebook advertising in a new whitepaper entitled, “The Search Marketer’s Guide to Successful Facebook Ads.”
  • Working closely with a variety of large scale advertisers, Marin Software has seen these strategies provide measurable results, driving higher click-through rates, more “likes,” and increasing ROI on Facebook Ads.

About the Webinar:

  • The webinar will cover techniques for choosing targeting criteria, best practices for creative, and useful tips for optimizing to a variety of conversion goals. Attendees will walk away with an actionable approach to managing successful ads on Facebook as well as advice for optimizing cross channels for a more effective online media mix.
  • Key topics to be covered in the webinar include: Micro-targeting to identify the best performing audience segments; strategic tips for targeting connections; advice for leveraging creative rotation to keep ads fresh; and advice for evaluating the cross-channel impact of Facebook ads on the online funnel.

Webinar URL – https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/455697304?mkt_tok=3RkMMJWWfF9wsRow5%2FmYJoDpwmWGd5mht7VzDtPj1OY6hBkuJr%2BJK1TtuMFUGpsqOOSfEwseAJ9n1BtZCOU%3D

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