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  1. need suggestions for doing mysql backups
  2. mass mobile txt / sms messaging with server script.. overload?
  3. need suggestions on sql query
  4. Database builder + query
  5. PHP Help
  6. Ion cube or source guardian?
  7. php/mysql question
  8. Wordpress 2.8 Plugin
  9. Email form have a little problem cant find it!! help!!
  10. Acollab Vulnerabilities
  11. File upload script
  12. PHP - Custom Background Image Help (PHP-Fusion)
  13. Web Dev and Compiling
  14. Any rules of thumb in development to prevent your code becoming a mess after a while?
  15. Help Related to PHP+SQL
  16. Simple PHP Help
  17. Multi Messenger Login?
  18. mysql query
  19. Anyone think they will never master AJAX?
  20. jquery + text input and image upload
  21. need help with php/mysql foreach loop
  22. Forum softwares in PHP 5?
  23. DB recommended for blobs
  24. In request of simple "automatic voter"
  25. Article/Ad Maker/Flipper
  26. Find and Replace in a file
  27. What's the Best Session Management Class?
  28. Help me with this deadline
  29. PHP CRYPT_MD5 Authentication
  30. How to redirect *.html to *.htm via htaccess?
  31. Easiest way to make a warning page first in php?
  32. how to mod_rewrite
  33. users online script
  34. Java Calender Mail to
  35. Web-based calendar that interfaces with Exchange
  36. Please help - How can I put this into a database quickly?
  37. IF Else for URL do something if URL does not match, do nothing if it does
  38. named pipes on Windows
  39. data binding question?
  40. Zip or compress a text file - I had transfered the data of a table in a text file
  41. php crypt() issue and limitations?
  42. PHPMailer and Hotmail/Live
  43. Will this always Visitors browsing IP
  44. SocialEngine a error?
  45. submit many forms in web page via one submit button
  46. Bash script for batch upload files on server
  47. IE8 base href bug
  48. PHP / Firebird
  49. Regex and preg_match() issues
  50. Counting 2 statements
  51. MySQL - Convert data to UTF-8
  52. MySQL Help
  54. alternative to adobe flash?
  55. Need some php help
  56. PHP processing working on local machine not on live server
  57. JavaScript Regular Expression
  58. Help with error message
  59. what forum 3quote.info used?
  60. Rewrite Problem...can anyone help?
  61. Script to Move MySQL Datadirectory
  62. need help with mysql join statment
  63. Photo Uploader
  64. PHP FTP Problem - Need to Copy Newest File
  65. Blob
  66. PHP Array Issue
  67. Using so called unusable addresses in a network.
  68. HTML Help Needed
  69. Can javascripts read and write to files
  70. Validation of php drop down menu of months,days and years
  71. PHP 5.2.8 Problem
  72. grep help
  73. need help using setting up php email template system
  74. quick question about mcrypt
  75. Home Web server
  76. Dynamic CSS??
  77. What is it called?
  78. Making sure powered by link is not removed
  79. js date picker
  80. IE Not working
  81. Exec Command via PHP - Win2003
  82. script installation problem
  83. IE8 Table Cellspacing
  84. PayPal Sandbox
  85. MySQL JOIN and INDEX
  86. php date/time
  87. Only allowing access via a redirect
  88. Best Email System?
  89. Mod Rewrite (Redirect All domains if it does not match)
  90. DesignMode issues
  91. pHp mailing list problem,
  92. PHP - MySQL | auto send email & change field
  93. anyone know how to acquisition youtube?
  94. any one have the programm for picture?
  95. Good PHP Tutorial
  96. php-fusion v6 article author customization
  97. jQuery Help
  98. CSS-form not working in IE8 wo/comp.view
  99. ajax push script
  100. how to safely hire a programmer?
  101. c
  102. PHP + Basis Joomla
  103. Help with e-mail form
  104. Save .flv from RTMP
  105. Export Email Addresses Mysql
  106. [PHP] is it possible to optimize/shorten thide code?
  107. Simply PHP Search Feature Problem
  108. PHP/Javascript calculator error
  109. Help for Social Engine?
  110. PHP in FLASH
  111. How does this website work? .CFM?
  112. PHP to XSL request
  113. generate an html page using php script?
  114. refresh parent window on close
  115. Where to input command
  116. PHP: Mask PHP Code
  117. Loading Configuration
  118. apache display running scripts
  119. How to make a flash intro?
  120. generate htm page using php?
  121. Is there ftp that can help upload changed files only ?
  122. OOP PHP Login Script Help
  123. preven them to see the contents of your directory
  124. [PHP] Working with large CSV files
  125. How to detect right click location with Javascript?
  126. mod_rewrite directory?
  127. what forum do you recommend? phpbb?
  128. brute force security help
  129. PHP gallery Script Help!
  130. Possibly the worse case of generated HTML ever?
  131. need to improve the site
  132. Joovili problem in install?
  133. An Opt in Box
  134. Numbering with Foreach
  135. help : Budget calculator script wanted
  136. Problem with Javascript works mainly in IE only
  137. how to save an html page using php???
  138. Which php template system can call a function?
  139. recommend any good plugin for wordpress to watermark
  140. JS optimization for IE
  141. please help with php please!!!!!!
  142. Basic PHP Syntax Question PLEASE HELP!
  143. PHP cURL expert please enter
  144. Need quick script to format emails
  145. How does this site work?
  146. PHP arguments in arguments
  147. Is $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] Necessary?
  148. Form Validation and Permutation?
  149. Javascript Help
  150. Question about PHP and SSH
  151. Perl not returning favor : 500 error to Hello World
  152. chess website
  153. CodeIgnighter for PHP developers
  154. FAQ Generator/Creator/Manager
  155. Mysql_real_escape_string?
  156. Starting new site and have a question?
  157. ipv6 and programming
  158. htaccess rewrite with GET reqs.
  159. Very simple AJAX question (I don't need code)
  160. apply function for text box added through javascript
  161. Watermark function won't work after PHP upgrade
  162. mcedit cut/paste/highlight?
  163. Image resizing on website
  164. How to write this PHP code with escaping the various characters.
  165. oracle question
  166. Anyway to Communicate between Tables in mySQL?
  167. Image Stats
  168. [help needed] preg_replace issue with arrays
  169. install phpbb question
  170. Save .flv from RTMP
  171. Tinyurl - bit.ly script
  172. Best Tutorial To Learn Smarty Templates in PHP and Ajax?
  173. IPB Forum Login using CURL
  174. Best Tutorial to Learn about Regular Expression in PHP
  175. Perl problem
  176. Zend Studio 7 and Xampp
  177. php-tidy for PHP 5.2.10 on CentOS/RHES 3
  178. high load data base in server
  179. need help with php.ini
  180. Special chars being appended to TinyMCE content in Internet Explorer?
  181. Facebook Ajax Help!
  182. Need help with while
  183. c++ help please
  184. Reload this Page best way to change header image based on page name
  185. Help with pulling user data into an array
  186. gethostbyname vs getaddrinfo
  187. Placing Forced Ads
  188. [HELP] Automate User Creation with PHP
  189. ASP.net Member Database ideas
  190. cannot get real path for '.' pure-ftpd
  191. html drop down with images
  192. Building a commercial application with an open source framework?
  193. Question on Perl Mail::Internet
  194. [PHP] Shortening Text from DB
  195. dual php4 & php5 forcing script to use php5
  196. Seeking Perl or PHP examples of email interception
  197. php4 -> 5 .htaccess / php code help
  198. Determine the Most Frequently Appeared data in Database
  199. check visitor's IP's referral url ?
  200. What are your top programming resources / blogs?
  201. Software Licensing.. Pulling out my hair!!
  202. Ubuntu monitoring script!
  203. PHP execute function last
  204. Virtual Machine with Net and Lan access
  205. (Easy enough) What is the right RewriteRule inhtaccess for this...
  206. PHP error oddity
  207. phtml editor?
  208. How would i get a read more option on my blog
  209. Enable virtual hosting for more than 2 domains
  210. Critical problems with a Red5-server this weekend
  211. Changing the view of the database date?
  212. Project Ideas for my College Assignment - Free Script request!
  213. Mysql Relationship advice
  214. javascript regular expression (integers except 0)
  215. backing up database
  216. Need help to Develop a Dynamic Frontend for OpenTracker
  217. Sql Query Help
  218. problem with java
  219. c++ switch statement
  220. URGENT- help wanted from webhosting gurus
  221. Upload files using VB.
  222. mod layout installaion ?
  223. Music/radio player which can play multi format radio
  224. Help HTML - Cellspacing breaks in IE
  225. how to scan on upload with rookit hunter
  226. The annoying thing about working with clients...
  227. Urgent Help about Wordpress
  228. Seeking perl solutions to pull IP out of string
  229. Online webcam code
  230. Looking for Software Project Ideas
  231. 48 Hr Upload/Download Site Project
  232. [PHP] Issues with dynamically generated images
  233. find upload plugin
  234. Mixing mod_rewrite and HTTP Basic Auth
  235. Wordpress... Problem with Description Page
  236. PHP: Playing with CheckBox ?
  237. Something to allow resellers access to some csf fuinctions
  238. CVS diff question
  239. Flash Socket Ajax Bridge
  240. export me please
  241. View all sites in my sharing server
  242. Has anybody here messed with Bespin?
  243. Suggestions on getting nested data out of mysql 5
  244. Script/ways to edit Max Bandwidth per user?
  245. php help on checking the value of the input field without symbols but period allowed?
  246. Reading certain lines in a text file with an asp page
  247. reading lines with php
  248. VB if conditions
  249. Visichat PLEASE HELP ME!!?? Anyone?? Help!!
  250. Request for Max Upload Filesize Change