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  1. PHP to alphabetize an array
  2. best place to get programing work
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  4. Temporary Email
  5. Need help with file uploading limit on ASP/MS.Access
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  7. Getting programming Training/Qualifications
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  9. Fonts-directory
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  15. CSS help needed (submit form)
  16. Any Forum Software like this?
  17. Very weird PHP output
  18. Moving away from PHP Nuke?
  19. images in mysql database
  20. PEAR - Can't access DB.php
  21. Need Article Management Script
  22. hosting request script
  23. Which is faster? return 1 or 0 vs return true or false
  24. coding under the gpl where do i stand???
  25. Trying to figure httpd.conf for mail
  26. MYSQL Errors: Pic included
  27. need quick help
  28. A site that displays program times?
  29. Forum Software
  30. checkboxes content will not show on email
  31. Passing Array from Javabean to JSP page
  32. keep track of user's info on webpage for mobile phone?
  33. is there a str_ireplace-like function that doesn't replace with the needle?
  34. image not displayed on IE
  35. image url's mysql
  36. Error inserting into database
  37. explain this phenom : php coding mystery?
  38. cron trouble (PHP)
  39. Need to remove XSS code
  40. iFrames/Photoshop
  41. OSCommerce password issue
  42. mySql DB access - same Server/ diff. account
  43. Member Bar for phpBB?
  44. PHP CLass inheritance problem: Same functions, Diff column name
  45. Strange PHP errors in Apache
  46. php code help
  47. I need some advice
  48. MySQL query information
  49. asp checkboxes
  50. how to set an alert box to close by itself?
  51. mySQL DB "SELECT" not working properly?
  52. cgiwrap error & Miva Merchant
  53. Adding Subsequent forums (db)
  54. MYSQL sync
  55. Any way to speed up PHP's getimagesize() ?
  56. Get query count in php
  57. Another totally irrelevant q: Which is faster? <?=$string?> or <?php echo $string; ?>
  58. Ruby on Rails: naming conventions
  59. Error Reporting
  60. asp file upload
  61. Select 5 rows from a database, display results
  62. Help with PHP coding
  63. Returning User Only Records with MsSql or Access
  64. Do you save sessions in Database?
  65. option selection trigger image
  66. Rewrite Engine not working since migration
  67. for loop in asp
  68. A huge MySQL database copy?
  69. Save datetime as timestamp or Datetime in Mysql?
  70. Dynamic yahoo map using MySQL
  71. Comma Problem
  72. Cron Jobs in Windows Environment
  73. Mysql slow queries...
  74. Cron files in root
  75. Software
  76. Is there a need to ROLLBACK for mysql innodb queries?
  77. why is adoption of php 5 so slow?
  78. Invoice Script
  79. Programming a stats checker.. with php?
  80. Best way of search using MySQL
  81. how do you install Memcache on windows?
  82. Need Color and Font selector
  83. Photo Voting Script.!
  84. batch image bb code generator
  85. while usinh vaild SSL , use cookies or session?
  86. need a script restart FTP server everday.
  87. my site in much search engine
  88. any one know of any good cart scripts that act like...
  89. MySQL help
  90. sql 'or' in query
  91. why does this JS popup work in IE/PC, but not on Mac, except in IE 5?
  92. oh my g! Frameworks are so slow!
  93. SubDomains w/ PHP/MySQL
  94. DNSTools.com Scripts
  95. js help as a domain reseller
  96. Possible to query MySQL database with a string passed to the URL?
  97. wow. super trick in php that i didn't know
  98. anyone knows how to use pecl / filter extension for php?
  99. onkeyup + php; ?
  100. comment news feature.. suggestions?
  101. Wiki Type Site Request
  102. option value compare on asp
  103. CGI in C++
  104. Mod_Rewrite and passing through Query Strings
  105. PHP prevent error echo?
  106. mouse track app
  107. Domain Park/Sell Site Creation script
  108. what is Fatal error: Cannot run code from this file in conjunction with non encoded f
  109. How to move DB?
  110. How to set the file paths for images, js, css files in a typical MVC Framework?
  111. Sharing contents on DB w/out giving the user and pword
  112. Sessions or Cookies?
  113. how to include a file within a switch statement?
  114. [vBulletin,MySql,PHP] Help with intergrating
  115. Good php tutorial/review script
  116. Request for MYSQL Query Help
  117. upload_max_filesize = 100M and??
  118. Question about highlight_string for PHP
  119. PHP/MySql Txt Import
  120. .htaccess help needed
  121. Log monitoring script ?
  122. Template System in PHP
  123. Mass Mailer
  124. PHP5 - php.ini problem
  125. MySQL Query Problem
  126. what the heck is interface used for?
  127. Whats wget all abt ?
  128. radio button show hide text
  129. PHP: redirect how to?
  130. PHP: what does this mean? $object->{'var'}
  131. FAQ Master Flex
  132. Apache + Binary applications
  133. Looking for Image Hosting Script
  134. WAP Forum
  135. PHP question
  136. Google Search within my Site, but Retain my Design?
  137. Disabling Javascript + HTML
  138. Games Script
  139. is it good practice to use $_var as the name of a private class variable in PHP5?
  140. General mysql DB question
  141. escaping in php
  142. PDO Transaction
  143. Image Upload Help
  144. image Fetching script needed
  145. Want to make video tutorials
  146. Help with something
  147. Is there a javascript for getting only the links on a page?
  148. does anyone know how to redirect users to another page if their broswer's javascript
  149. Code Clean Up Tool
  150. Confirm message... ?
  151. date/time displaying..
  152. PHP Code Question...really quick and simple..
  153. domain parking / ppc script
  154. Definitions Dictionary Script
  155. Using Javascript Header With PHP
  156. pdf problem
  157. need quick help with javascript
  158. How do they do this (sms) ?
  159. Computer Science Degree
  160. Showing Products
  161. Anyway to crack htaccess login
  162. MS Access version of PhPMyAdmin?
  163. deleting in mysql
  164. Has my mail been read?
  165. how do i code Ruby in Windows?
  166. Java Servlet GURU's Help please.
  167. Is there a magic function/trick in PHP to get the function name of the calling func?
  168. dell system build script
  169. cron jobs help
  170. XML Search with PHP
  171. Building A Frameset with a Dynamic Middle Frame?
  172. asp showHide radio-no data on email
  173. php login frustrations
  174. Has anyone added ccbill as a payment option
  175. Punbb vs SMF which one?
  176. creating forums?
  177. MySQL COUNT issue
  178. JavaScript
  179. Freeware MD5sum checker program that's easy to use?
  180. MySQL Database Limits
  181. radio button will not set focus()
  182. Difficult SQL query
  183. IP Limiting
  184. identify the US's State of an IP address
  185. [PHP] MySQL timeout ?
  186. How to code this vertically
  187. SQL Injection
  188. Php & Sql
  189. radio button validation
  190. slide bar help/need
  191. Listen for UDP packets in PHP (Socket Server)
  192. SSI in .HTML files
  193. php Cron Job
  194. "simple" php help?
  195. Login script [Need help]
  196. Javascript Quick Pages
  197. Trim long sentense into short
  198. Stopping SQL Injections
  199. Learning PHP
  200. What Has This Site Used
  201. Pageviews/hits script
  202. PHP Rookie
  203. fsockopen http response help
  204. tree-style orientation bulletin board script
  205. What's wrong with this PHP code? [shuffle()]
  206. file opens in desktop program
  207. Web Page Change Detection Script
  208. template for site hosting
  209. CSS for onmouseover??
  210. Strange error with my php code...
  211. Now what's wrong with THIS code??
  212. PHP Product Catalog - Can Anyone Help?
  213. C help, tolower()
  214. Single query to select all possible flight routes
  215. mod_rewrite rule
  216. how to retrieve the login name of a particular pc?
  217. How to redirect all image file requests to a static folder?
  218. XML parsing problem..
  219. Deleteing a row in 20 tables at the same time?
  220. why this js not working
  221. better way for compare value beside this js
  222. how do blog software has such nice urls?
  223. Redirects - getting the address
  224. email account
  225. javascript Array syntaxs
  226. javascript: how to detect element type?
  227. PHP script customization
  228. Need help for percentile scripting
  229. English Dictionary Text File
  230. Access denied for user: 'ODBC@localhost'
  231. phpwebsite & new theme looking for help
  232. connect to another mysql server? let me know
  233. Can you teach me?
  234. Did cms cause my portal slow
  235. Order By Sql question...
  236. [Several checkboxes at the time] - under PHP & mySQL - how ?
  237. web-based RSS feed aggregator!D
  238. Poll and search tutorials anyone?
  239. php_network_getaddresses problem
  240. Protecting files / How to
  241. MySQL Syntax Error
  242. How to check dir size in Windows?
  243. SED help
  244. Is it possible to create a CSS class out of 2 CSS class
  245. asp error help - Type mismatch
  246. Session Expired with JSP Web App
  247. ASP Time Zone
  248. Selling Video Clips
  249. search script paging??
  250. fclose problems